Flipkart’s #DoThumbThing

  • Release:09/12/2015
  • Client:Flipkart
  • Live Demo: http://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/flipkarts-dothumbthing-boosts-its-m-commerce/
  • Skills: Case Study, Design, Social Media

Objectives of #DoTheThumbThing Campaign:

This social media campaign of Flipkart had three objectives:

  1. The main aim was to launch the specialized mobile app of Flipkart.com and to woo new users for the same.
  2. Another objective was to create a buzz and hype around the new application.
  3. A kind of awareness to the people to see the app with an array of videos, games, contests, special app offers and discount.

#DoThumbThing on Social Media

We all know how big and large the social media is, nothing different for any social media properties of Flipkart. They have been tempting fans to #DoThumbThing with incentivized contests and offers on the app. Meanwhile, the Facebook & Twitter pages of Flipkart have been sharing interesting visuals called ‘Tiny Thumb Tales’ that illustrate the virtues of thumb shopping anytime, anywhere!

The gimmick of wooing mobile-only consumers!

Most online consumers are gradually shifting to the convenience of their mobile phones. Consumption of news, movies, music to activities like payments, banking and shopping has found dominance through the mobile phone. Presently, India is the second-largest mobile phone market in the world with over 930 million users, out of which over 111 million people own smartphones, as reported by Economic Times.

Presently over 70 per cent of the traffic to Flipkart.com comes via its mobile app, and the majority of these shoppers are mostly first-time customers. The Flipkart Android app on Play store has a rating of over 4.3 with installs in the range of 10 Million to 50 Million. #DoThumbThing just boosted the new array of special app offers and contests on social media.

Results of the #DoThumbThing Campaign:

The results of this campaign for Flipkart.com were:

The users loved the concept of the Thumb Thing. Many people got engaged in the campaign in huge numbers and made this campaign a huge success. Flipkart’s Android app on Play store got a rating of over 4.3 with installs in the range of 10 Million to 50 Million.

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