Nestlé Munch – Case Study

  • Release:22/12/2015
  • Client:Nestlé Munch
  • Live Demo:
  • Skills: Case Study, Social Media

This campaign of Nestlé Munch for crunchy wafer chocolate bar on digital platforms followed by television is a huge hit. The brand urges its target audience to claim their stage, to the sport and embrace their flaws and their passions and be unapologetic about whom they are. The Longer version of the TV ad was posted on the Nestlé  Munch Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter on the 10th of January and has received an enthusiastic response from consumers. With over 3 million views on Facebook and YouTube, this ad will definitely start a new trend amongst the youth. The music has been a great hit; Subhajit Mukherjee must be applauded for this enjoyable music and Mika Singh sang this catchy song.

Nestlé’s approach to advertising its crunchy wafer chocolate bar Munch, with young and handsome Actor of Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput. This campaign is called MUNCHification, here Sushant’s character is young and he looks to impress the girl with his English, wait Broken English. Just see the below ad to know what happened in the #MUNCHification ad. Action, Reaction, Sensation, and Munchification.


Nestlé Munch’s campaign #MUNCHIfication with actor Sushant Singh Rajput was to inspires consumers to celebrate their individuality along with their flaws. We all know everybody has certain problems, weaknesses or flaws in our society. Nestle picked the right topic and made clear to understand to all consumers. Here Muchification catchy lyrics stole the mind of every individual. The Broken English song which is sung by Mika is a huge hit. Let’s see how Nestle will interact with consumers in future.


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