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  • Release:15/06/2017
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The big startup stories from Airbnb over Uber prove it: Without proper marketing, the best product does not help. Without great marketing, these companies would not stand where they stand today. However, what makes these start-up successes unite is a great social media strategy. New businesses create trust in their customers through their social media presences and long-term relationships. I will explain to you in this blog post what tips you should consider for your social media for a startup business. Let’s get started Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups!

These eight tips ensure your survival in the thick social media jungle. Here your social media startups tips!

1) Good Plan / First Social Media Strategy, then Social Media Profile!

2) Sign Up / Be where your Customers are!

3) Be Active / Stay Active and Post Regularly!

4) Be Social / Enter into dialogue with your fans!

5) Be Mobile / Optimize for Mobile Devices!

6) Be Unique / Own Creative Content!

7) Be Useful / Be helpful to your Customers!

8) Opportunity / Use the opportunities that arise. Use trends!

How to grow Social Media following?

Follow all eight Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups! Spontaneously responding to trends is of particular importance in the social web for the greatest possible viral effect. You do not have to jump on every trend line (Memes, Selfies, BitStrips, Flappy Bird – the list is endless), but if you find a trend that suits you, use it!

Happy Social Networking!

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