5-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

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Now that you have decided to use Social Media to promote your brand, it is time to start the strategy. But where to start? How to make a social media marketing plan? This will serve to guide your steps in Social Media and be able to achieve your goals. Now, you are likely to wonder: how is it done? Read on and find out all the details!

Why Should You Create a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Before entering fully into the explanation of the procedure, I would like to tell you what a Social Media Marketing Plan serves. Its primary function is to order all the actions that you will develop in the Social Networks, to fulfill the objectives that make up your Strategy of Marketing in Social Media. Organizing your activities in this way will allow you to reach your goals with greater efficiency and measure your achievements in Social Media.

Your Marketing Plan for Social Media must meet all the goals you want to achieve and the actions you will take to make it. Thus, some of the aspects that will include are the definition of objectives in Social Media, an analysis of the media situation in which you are and what tools you will use to realize your purposes.

Now that you know what a Social Media Marketing Plan is for, I’ll explain how to create a step by step social media marketing plan. As a general advice, I recommend that you set clear and accurate goals. This will help you measure your progress more quickly and not ‘get tangled up’ with multiple and unreachable goals.

1. Set objectives for your Social Networks!

2. Analyze your situation in Social Media and create the necessary accounts!

3. Study the activity in Social Media of clients and competitors!

4. Create a Social Media Content Calendar!

5. Evaluate and adjust your Marketing Plan for Social Networks!


The most important thing about your plan of “social media marketing” or “social networks” is to understand that it must constantly be changing. As new networks emerge, you may want to add them to your plan. It is also real and possible that you have to adjust or find new goals for each network.

New challenges will regularly be presented, rewrite your strategy and goals as often as necessary and make sure your team is aware of what you have updated. Success with your plan!

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