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  • Release:17/12/2016
  • Client:Digital Vidya
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Let’s talk about Pinterest tips and tricks for individual users. Need to improve your small business, then? Pinterest is the world for every business, many different brand platforms for small brands are their marketing efforts and user base engagement needs? Can it improve customer reach and sales?

Basically, it doesn’t differ much, but it does differ a little. After all, a brand has a more diverse and engaging presence than an individual user. So in case, you’re wondering what to do and what to avoid while roaming the Pinterest social waters, here’s some insight coming from my own experience.

The first step: Be Pin-friendly

The second step: You’re a brand. So brand your pins

The third step: Include information. Lots of it

The last step: You’re an entrepreneur. Let your customers know about this

Note: Write up a FAQ for your small business. Which are defined boundaries to a FAQ, but mention the common practice to provide general questions that your customers might have and information about possible collaboration with you; A FAQ pin will further improve your communication with your customers.


Pinterest is the best way to increase your customer base and sales of your small business. But never forget to add or mention about Pinterest in any of your blogs. All these four steps will improve your small business. A perfect thing you should do is to make a specific Pinterest board for your business and then offer a free chapter or better e-book. In the case of webinars or presentation, you must provide a high-quality video in YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing platform.

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